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Here you will find some informations about projects I contributed to:

Personal Projects

OpenGL Experiments

Learning OpenGL the modern way! I leave here my takes at some rendering (or just OpenGL related) techniques. Examples:

... among others. This is just meant to be a way for me to learn these techniques.
See here for some code samples: Current engine repository and Some older experiments.

Some screenshots (Click on any of them for a larger version):


Little library wrapping OpenGL object and functionality. This is intended for personal use and in early stage so I can't recommend its use (also, I'm not satisfied with the current API, it may change significantly). Repository


A basic GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulator, more details on the GitHub repository. Binaries are available here for download. You can also try a web version right here (WASM version). Please note however that this is a only a quick port done in only a few hours.

Web Design


A WebApp hosted by heroku allowing Magic the Gathering: Arena players to draft with others players using card they own in the game (determined by parsing the game's logs). Built using Node.js (express and on the backend and Vue.js on the frontend.

University projects


Robotics project in first year of master's degree with 7 other students. I worked on video analysis (3D tracking) with OpenCV, data coming from up to 5 cameras. More informations (in French).


2D platform game done in team with Posva during the 2st year of college. We both touched pretty much every piece of the program, but I mostly worked on the physics engine and the level editor. More informations/Repository (French)

Jump'n'Run level editor