Load a GameBoy or GameBoy Color ROM from the dropdown list with "Load ROM" or from your own computer with "Upload ROM".

Go fullscreen on mobile to display onscreen buttons.
On desktop, gamepad (standard bindings) or keyboard with:
  • E : A
  • R : B
  • T : Select
  • Y : Start
  • Arrows : DPad

GameBoy emulator by Senryoku

Written in C++ and compiled to javascript via Emscripten. Based on SenBoy v1.0. Port is far from perfect, it was merely a way to get some experience with emscripten. More informations: GitHub

Use the Save button before closing this page to ensure that your progress is correctly saved!
(Note: This only emulates the save capabilities of the loaded cartridge. It will behave as if you turned off your console, this is not a complete save state.)